Meddlers in Time by Wayne Watson

Meddlers in Time

By Wayne Watson

  • Release Date: 2009-11-19
  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Score: 4
From 60 Ratings
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Meddlers In Time- A Synopsis

The story starts several years before the main tale, with two of the main characters narrowly escaping from a trip to their near future, gone wrong.
They decide to create a new, and hopefully, more friendly universe, by causing a split in time back in the 9th century.

In order to advance the technology of the 9th century and build a power base, they set about recruiting a team of down-on-their-luck engineers and adventurers, with the lure of large sums of money, adventure and the chance escape their lives! For a one-year tour and a return to the same time and place, they are offered information worth a great deal of money- namely winning lotto numbers and sports betting information!

The reality of the mission sets in for the team, when they find themselves on another planet, Transit, hundreds of light-years from home. Here they train for the mission and learn how to use the time/space gateway.

They set up a prefabricated stronghold and in their first few weeks save a local village from a terrible fate. Soon the local people start to accept these strangers, who turn out to be not as terrifying as they first seemed.

Meanwhile, a more deadly game is being conducted from Transit, as the city of Rome is destroyed and the 9th century religious leaders are systematically and sometimes spectacularly assassinated.

Expecting to winter over quietly, they are surprised by the arrival of a large invading army from Europe. Despite being short on numbers, they utterly rout the invaders at the outskirts of the city of Sheffield.

Local workers are recruited- reluctantly at first, but they soon adapt to what is for them- a life of relative comfort and ease. Before long, working for the strangers brings high status. As the best of the local workers adapt to modern life, they are being prepared to be the next generation of leaders.

Over the winter months, a local militia is equipped and drilled, while the tradesmen of the district come to learn the secrets of the strangers. The future leaders of tomorrow begin their education. Road building and mineral exploration continue and as the team get to know each other better, the stories regarding how the time/space gate generator was obtained and the effects of using it are revealed.

As the end of a one year tour of duty draws to an end, most of the team have elected to stay on, while those who have decided to leave the 9th century, start to prepare to return to their old lives- and their new beginnings.

Meddlers in Time Part Two

This story starts with three of the characters persuading their wives to travel back in time with them. Others of the original group join up as permanent members of the group.

Not everyone is happy about the arrival of the strangers and there is a shift in the balance of power with the king deposed. Now is the time for a show of power.

After the fate of their enemies is settled, the story jumps back four years in the baseline time, to a camp in New Zealand, 790AD. This gives a bit of background on some of the characters, as they start the first practice run for the 9th century operation. Some of the technology not revealed in the first book is used here.

A colony site is prepared in New Zealand and the story of how the gate generator was acquired is told in more detail. The colonists are more or less willingly moved around the world and the team prepares to snatch a busload of 20th century engineers who are about to die. The locally trained army prepares for two battles and there is an unexpected turn of events when a set of memories is misplaced.

The narration is taken over by a newly-sentient computer and some of the 52nd century characters are revealed. Another interesting character comes onto the scene and an intricate scheme for a staged 'death' on 21st century earth


  • Good read

    By J4eyes
    As a fan of sci fi I was looking forward to reading this book. A very interesting concept. Well written (apart from some annoying grammatical and spelling errors plus placing some towns in the incorrect county! Of course with any Sci Fi one has to suspend disbelief, accepting that the book was very good and I have downloaded his other two books. I did get a bit confused with all the characters - perhaps a list of characters and their origin and status would be useful.
  • Strange tale

    By Rayserbike
    A strange tale, seeming to go from adult Sci-fi, to childish fiction. But the most annoying thing is all the spelling and other mistakes, the one most often repeated is typing "brought" instead of "bought".
  • A very good read

    By Markoneone
    Liked the characters and the way the book flowed, can get a little confusing at times but all explained in the next chapter, now on to the next book
  • What? Seriously?

    By PlebtheSecond
    You can't go from heavy tech to Twilight easily - and the author fails to do so here spectacularly with an irrelevant "twist."
  • A brilliant read

    By jkwright85
    I'll be honest it took me about 130-150 pages to be fully consumed by this book, but once I was it just kept getting better. The characters are brilliant and the concept of the writing style is fantastic and fast paced.
  • My favourite in the series.

    By Gezzasmum
    I have read 2 out of 3 of the books in this series so far. This is definitely my favourite. Might change once I read the other one. Let you all know.
  • Just started to read

    By DFRUK
    I have Just started to read this story and am getting rather annoyed already with the inaccuracies. For one Sheffield is in Yorkshire, not Derbyshire.
  • Worst book ever written

    By Swim Simon
    The concept of a controllable gate through time and space is hardly new and it does give an author the chance to explore some potentially interesting questions such as what would you do if you were given control of one? So I bought this book hoping to be entertained with a new idea or two and probably also some discussion of the dilemma of whether one can alter one's path through time. Well the author of Meddlers In Time wastes this great opportunity and instead gives his readers a turgid series of lists of the fantasies of a military mind. He can't spell and he certainly can't write well. His fantasies are about lists of soldiers' hardware; list of orders; one sided battles where he is bound to win; of handing out instant judgement in the form of summary executions; and most of all of rounding off any and all discussions, scenes and fights with a drink! I could perhaps have put up with this if it led towards a conclusion that held some moral message about the problem of having well trained soldiers (they start off being there to protect you but in the end you need to be protected from them). The only reason I kept on reading the book was in the expectation that sooner or later this denouement would come to pass. But it never did and in the final pages the author makes it clear that he thinks this is a serious book as he discusses the ability of the construction industry to build things quickly. Take my advice. Don't waste your time on this book and if you do start then leap into a gate that will instantly take you to the end!
  • Absolute rubbish

    By Botttdvjgxbk
    Probably the worst book I've read in my life. Too many characters, too much technical jargon which made it feel like I was reading an intstruction manual and too much switching between settings, like those tv programs that have three or four different stories and keep switching from one to another and repeat details what you've already been told just to fill an hour slot. I got about three quarters through before I stopped reading but was bored long before that. Only thing going for it is that it's free.
  • Didn't like it

    By DJMCG123
    Gratuitous swearing not for me. If theres a point then fine but if it's just there to increase the word count then forget it!